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If you are in the market for finding the best local day spa Austin, you are going to want to do some research. Finding the best day spa has never been easier. The fact is, there are a ton of resources that you can utilize in order to find the best one. Below we will discuss some of the best places to search for the best local day spa and the best places to get great deals on them. 


Best Places To Find The Top Rated Spas: 


1. Yelp. 


Yelp is by far the best place to find the top rated spas in your local area. Yelp features tons and tons of reviews from local's that give reviews of local businesses in the area. You will be sure to be able to find great spas by utilizing Yelp's search and filter features. 


2. Trip Advisor. 


If you are in a new place or a different country, you are going to want to go with Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is easily the best place to look for reviews when you are abroad or in a new area. This is because Trip Advisor has more of a global reach. You should be able to find the top rated spa's very easily by using this website. 


3. Google. 


Google has their own review and rating system that is also very good. This can be found by searching Google for different day spa's in your immediate area. It will pull up relevant search results and you can sift through the different options. You will notice that the different options also have reviews and star rating next to them. This is how you can tell which places have received good reviews and which ones have not. 


Best Places To Find Great Deals: 


1. Groupon.


Groupon has always been a leader in finding great deals on local day spa's because they were pretty much the industry leader in these kinds of discounts. 


2. Living Social. 


Living Social began to offer this service as well. This is another great place to check out new businesses and find great deals on local day spas in your immediate area. 


3. Amazon Local. 


Amazon Local is another place where you can find great deals on products and services in your immediate area. They typically have great deals on local day spa's in the area running all of the time.

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